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One of the world's most famous hairdressers comes from Istanbul, Turkey, and goes by the name of Deniz Oz. He is a very talented artist. His career started at a very young age. He worked as an apprentice in various and well known hair salons. After years of training he finally got his license and went on to get his mastership license in teaching. He has served on the Board of Hairdressers committee for years. He also invented the human hair micro-ring hair extensions, which are now very popular.

In 1996, he opened his first hair salon in one of the prestigious districts of Istanbul. Over the years, he became very successful and is known as a color specialist. Customers from all over the world go to his salon to have their hair done by Deniz.  In 2000, Deniz attended the Istanbul Fair Show in the field of cut and color. By the year 2002, he won first place in the Istanbul Fair Show, and in 2003 he won first place in the Izmir International Fair with his Up-do Style. After Deniz became a teacher, he gave a teaching seminar in 2005 at the Istanbul Fair about permanent hair extensions and granted the successful attendees with certificates. He also manufactured his own hair extensions. He joined the fair in Bologna, Italy in 2006 for a field of hair extensions.

In 2007,  Deniz served in the Bursa International fair for the Board of Hairdressers for training and giving certificates. In the next years, he then was appointed the committee of Istanbul board of Hairdressers as a teacher and as a member who can grant the trainees with diplomas. He is still working hard teaching the world about hairdressing.

10225 Barnes Canyon Rd. Ste A100
San Diego CA 92121
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